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Welcome to our What’s On Page, which is designed to let you know about events relevant to the ethos/culture of Inspire Me, such as…

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The purpose of this page is to…

  • Connect those seeking to participate in events of this nature, with knowledge of what is available
  • Offer those facilitating events of this nature, the opportunity to let the world know about them

These events might be happening in the Manawatu, or they might be happening a little further afield, across the Ditch, or even the World.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the Events shown here just click on the ‘Find out more…’ link shown below each notice.

Please be aware that…

Inspire Me does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the events promoted on this page, we act merely as a Noticeboard, unless we are hosting the event ourselves, in which case that will be stated clearly on the poster.


Beam me up Scotty – Bouncing back from those moments when you wish the floor would swallow you up

Date & Time:  Thursday, 1st November  9am - 1pm

Venue:  Level 1, The Grand Hotel Building, cnr The Square and Church St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Angela Baker  210473530

Email Address/Website:  thechangeacademy.co.nz

We all have them – times you wish you could push replay and not say that thing, or make that mistake and avoid feeling embarrassed or shamed. In this small coaching group / workshop (maximum of 10) we will explore several strategies that will help us bounce back more quickly and easily from situations that cause us to feel shame – author Brene Brown calls them ‘shame resilience’ strategies.

Coach / Presenter: Angela Baker, counselling psychologist and wellbeing coach. Angela has extensive experience in designing workshops including on-line courses ‘Your Defrag Action Plan’ and ‘Mindfulness for Everyday Life’.

To register go to www.thechangeacademy.co.nz. Fee: $69. If price is a barrier, please contact me about possible payment options.

Te Raa Whana

Date & Time:  Saturday, 3rd November 9am - 5pm

Venue:  Theosophical Hall, PNth

Contact Name & Number:  Te Ataarangi  TEXT only: 0225967806

Email Address/Website:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2366130133458845/

Book in to experience a 1 hour time intensive healing session also filled with song, love, kai and laughter brought to you by a crew of very earthed yet multi-dimensional healers. More detailed information on the events tab - use the link to access.

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Conscious Awareness

Date & Time:  Starting Monday, 5th November  (5x week course)

Venue:  Inspire Me Event Space

Contact Name & Number:  Zoetic Dawn  0210 287 0107

Email Address/Website:  www.zoeticdawn.com

Conscious Awareness - Consciously Crafting Your Own Story.

Are you ready to take ownership of your story? Conscious Awareness is a new 5 week programme designed to support and guide you on the journey of reconnection with self. Through awareness of your own being, your drivers and fears and their connection with the present moment, you can begin the process of releasing that which no longer supports you. You can embrace all that you truly are, and you can craft your own story. You can live your life, your way. Where you are not only the author of your story, but the hero within it.

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Golden Touch Healers

Date & Time:  Monday, 12th November  7.30pm - 9pm

Venue:  Theosophical Hall, 304 Church St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Lyn 027 406 7750 / Ken 027 232 2048

Email Address/Website:  auricmagnetichealing@gmail.com / www.magnetichealers.org.nz

Come and meet our team of enthusiastic Energy Healers to experience a relaxing Auric Magnetic Healing. Cost is a small donation.

For an energy pick-me-up, if you're feeling tired, achy, stressed... then an Energy Healing may be ideal for you....

You're very welcome to bring a friend too. :)

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Wahine o te Tararua

Date & Time:  Wednesdays, 14th November  7pm

Venue:  Woodville Events Centre

Contact Name & Number:  Te Ataarangi  TEXT only: 022 596 7806

Email Address/Website:  https://www.facebook.com/events/312984696166730/

Wahine o te Tararua is my response to a calling from women in the community of Woodville and further. The group is co-hosted with the equally hilarious and earthed, Andrea Nicholls. Together we have created a journey - a course - that involves the mapping out of who we are using an ever expanding eclectic array of dynamics that involve creative, ancient practices and processes designed to be honouring, relaxed, humorous, connective, and strengthening.

Wahine o te Tararua is a fortnightly group for all wahine (women) / whakawahine (transwomen) to come share, remember, release and grow - regardless of ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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Journey to a Past Life

Date & Time:  Friday, 16th November - individual sessions all day and evening

Venue:  Feilding

Contact Name & Number:  Andrea Pickford  (06)323 8695 or 027 368 1471

Email Address/Website:  andreapickford@gmail.com

Some people say that past lives belong firmly in the past, but I try to keep an open mind. Perhaps you're curious, or want to investigate something that 'runs' in your family. This is a 1:1 session where I guide you, through visualisation, on a visit to a past life closely connected in some way to your current life - and then bring you back. It's an easy and safe technique, and we take 45 - 60 minutes for the prep, your visit and hopefully a cuppa as well to ground you soundly before you leave.

Take your Journey out of curiosity, or to learn something specific about people and circumstances in the current life. You have the option of using one or two essences (from the range of First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand) immediately prior to your Journey. The essences let you welcome any ‘lost’ parts of your Self back home, as well as helping you to integrate the whole experience of your Past Life Journey.

Note: if you have a friend who also wants a Past Life journey, that’s fine, you can both share the same appointment but travel your own individual Journeys. The price is still $45 each.

Venue: my place, but bookings are essential (and pre-payment preferred)

Spiritual Wellness Retreat

Date & Time:  Friday 16th - Sunday 18th November

Venue:  Waihoanga Centre, 32 Waihoanga Rd, Otaki

Contact Name & Number:  Tina Budd  211665365

Email Address/Website:  animalharmonynz@gmail.com  https://www.facebook.com/events/182802462367363/?ti=icl/

So what will you get for your money?

Two nights accommodation at a beautiful rural retreat located by the Otaki river and off the grid (no cell phones or internet), https://waihoanga.co.nz/

Local homemade, organic, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea. Three pampering sessions Healing/reiki, Miri Miri massage, essential oils or psychic reading. A sound therapy session plus the opportunity to take part in various workshops throughout the weekend all for $325.

So go on book your place and pm us. We are happy to take layby payments. We look forward to spending this wonderful time with you x

Cheryl Robin Freeman: Medium/Clairvoyant

Date & Time:  Fri 23rd, Sat 24th, Sun 25th, Fri 30th November; Sat 1st & Sun 2nd December

Venue:  Inspire Me

Contact Name & Number:  Cheryl Robin Freeman  027 222 4002

Email Address/Website:  cherylrobinfreeman@gmail.com

International Stage, Radio, TV medium/clairvoyant Cheryl Robin Freeman will again be available for consultations at Inspire Me on these dates Nov 23/24/25/30....Dec 1/2.. please contact Cheryl direct on 027 2224002 or email cherylrobinfreeman@gmail.com.

Cheryl is normally booked before her arrival into Palmerston .. Book now to avoid disappointment.. 

Body Language Masterclass

Date & Time:  Saturday, 24th November  9 - 3pm

Venue:  Bella Vista Motel Conference Centre, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Steph Holloway  276680067

Email Address/Website:  steph@elementalpotential.com  www.elementalpotential.com

NZ leading body language expert Steph Holloway’s recent events in Palmerston North both were sold out. This has led to an extra date being added to her calendar for Palmerston North. Already 50% of sales have been confirmed, so grab yours now!

Everything you always wanted to know……but couldn’t see! If you’ve ever wondered what is really happening in human interactions now is your opportunity to find out. All the latest research on body language and Steph’s own unique style of easy to remember techniques, cues, and triggers. She is on a mission to make body language a first language for the masses and enable you to tap into the 93% of communication you are currently missing out on.

$160 buy tickets online at www.elementalpotential.com

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Men healing inter-generational trauma

Date & Time:  Saturday, 24th November  10am - 4pm

Venue:  Te Ahu A Turanga Marae - Woodville

Contact Name & Number:  Te Ataarangi  TEXT only: 0225967806

Email Address/Website:  https://www.facebook.com/events/374570939747864/

Men healing Inter-generational trauma is a supportive, intensive eclectic use of native medicine including laughter, waiata & kai throughout our day. We will settle into a deep space of self awareness as you explore the stories of your fathers, their fathers and so on through the vessel that is your body using a traditional form of Maaori healing plus breath releasing work to free you from carrying the often burdening essence of your forefathers.

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Psychometry and Colour Therapy Workshop

Date & Time:  Saturday, 24th November  10.30am - 3pm

Venue:  Coach House Museum, Feilding

Contact Name & Number:  Sally  272673800

Email Address/Website:  wolss2018@gmail.com

Run by Wings of Light Spiritual Sanctuary.

Audrey and Rosemary will demonstrate how to perform Psychometry. Psychometry is a form of scrying, in other words a psychic way of "seeing" something that is not ordinarily visible to the naked eye. With lots of practice it is something we are all capable of. Audrey and Rosemary will give you lots of tips of how you can start to develop your own psychic ability along with the opportunity to practice.

Liz will demonstrate how you can incorporate Colour Therapy into your everyday lives. With the stresses of modern day living it is easy for our bodies to to get out of balance energetically. Colour Therapy can restore that imbalance. It is easy to learn and is a form of healing you can perform for yourself. To make it easier for you to get started, materials for you to make your own colour transmitter will be provided.

Cost: $15.00 Sanctuary Members  $20.00 non-members

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Date & Time:  Sunday, 2nd December 10am - 5pm

Venue:  Taikorea Rd - Himitangi

Contact Name & Number:  Te Ataarangi  TEXT only: 0225967806

Email Address/Website:  https://www.facebook.com/events/308878353270913/

Experience your body opening up to wisdom of your soul : Experience aspects of soul integration : Experience a process of self-recalibration. Voyager - is a fusion of time, sound & a traditional form of Maaori healing designed to open channels in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms that allows for deep penetrative self-healing, reconnection to self and self-nurturing.

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Regular Groups & Classes

Golden Touch Healers

Date & Time:  2nd Monday of each month (except January), 7.30pm - 9pm

Venue:  Theosophical Society Hall, 304 Church St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Lyn Pollock 027 406 7750 / Ken Ward 027 232 2048 / Phone (06) 323 7468

Email Address/Website:  auricmagnetichealing@gmail.com / www.magnetichealers.org.nz

“Golden Touch Healers” are a group of people who are trained in and practice Auric Magnetic Healing; and based in Palmerston North.

Our aim is to educate people, to understand how we can help alleviate pain and suffering for both people and animals.

We don’t need to know what is wrong with a patient, as our hands are drawn to the affected area in their energy field, clearing the blocks and repairing areas of the auric layers and physical body.

Patients often experience tingling, coolness, warmth, waves, pulling or drawing sensations. They also report having a sense of feeling lighter as a result of a session.

It is a complementary modality and works well alongside medical treatment. 

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Levin Spiritual Drop in Centre

Date & Time:  Wednesdays, 12pm to 3.30pm

Venue:  Thompson House, Levin

Contact Name & Number:  David Garwood  06 3638405 or 0211378588

Levin Drop in Centre is run by David Garwood who is an International, Evidentual Medium. It is open for anyone who is searching for answers in all things spiritual.

David runs an approx. 1/2 hour meditation at 2 pm each week (so please do not arrive at this time to avoid disturbance).

David is there to answer all your questions. There will be opportunities to take part in spiritual development exercises, healing and sharing of experiences. Every week brings something new.

Tea and coffee provided. If arriving at 12 byo lunch. Koha at the door.

Moving Meditation

Date & Time:  Fortnightly Sundays,  7.30pm - 9pm

Venue:  Quaker Rooms, 227 College St., Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Anne Elliott  021 216 5075

Email Address/Website:  www.earthspiritharmony.com anne@earthspiritharmony.com

By repeating slow, gentle movements and turning our attention to our breath we can achieve a state of ‘active nothingness’. In this state we promote self-healing and vitality. We stimulate our flow of life energy, free the subtle bodies and chakras of stagnant energy and stimulate and strengthen the organs.

No experience or particular level of fitness needed.

Bring something to lie on (yoga mat or similar), warm socks, blanket and pillow for a restorative sound meditation at the end.

New summer hours......7.30pm – 9pm. $10 on the night.

At the Quaker Rooms, 227 College St, Palmerston North. 1st and 3rd Sunday every month (but this can sometimes alter, so get in touch with me to confirm).

Limited numbers. Contact me to book... anne@earthspiritharmony.com  021 216 5075.

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The Wings of Light Spiritual Sanctuary

Date & Time:  Every Sunday morning at 10.30am

Venue:  The Coach House Museum, Feilding

Contact Name & Number:  Liz Finlay  06 3591112 or 0274495240

Email Address/Website:  wolss2018@gmail.com

We are a small gathering of like minded spiritualists who run a weekly public meeting with Clairvoyant demonstration, followed by a cup of tea and fellowship.

Our intention is to provide a safe sanctuary for those seeking spiritual development and searching for a greater understanding of all things spiritual, giving opportunity and encouragement to all. We also organize regular development/meditation groups and workshops as required at minimal cost.

Everybody is welcome. Koha at the door.


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