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Welcome to our What’s On Page, which is designed to let you know about events relevant to the ethos/culture of Inspire Me, such as…

  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Regular Groups & Classes

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The purpose of this page is to…

  • Connect those seeking to participate in events of this nature, with knowledge of what is available
  • Offer those facilitating events of this nature, the opportunity to let the world know about them

These events might be happening in the Manawatu, or they might be happening a little further afield, across the Ditch, or even the World.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the Events shown here just click on the ‘Find out more…’ link shown below each notice.

Please be aware that…

Inspire Me does not necessarily endorse or recommend any of the events promoted on this page, we act merely as a Noticeboard, unless we are hosting the event ourselves, in which case that will be stated clearly on the poster.


Yoga & Meditation

Date & Time:  The 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month  7pm

Venue:  Addis House, 135 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Amy Masters  0272116479

Email Address/Website:  https://www.facebook.com/events/758821201156884/

The evening will be made into two separate sessions for those who would like to only come to one of the events:

  • Yin Yoga session between 7 pm - 8 pm // $15
  • Mediation between 8 pm - 9 pm // $15
  • To attend both classes ONLY // $20

Yin Yoga is a restorative, restful and nurturing yoga practice where majority of the yoga asana's (poses) are on the floor to deeply relax the body and mind to aid in healing and in reducing stress levels. I use essential oils throughout the class to enhance relaxation and rejuvenation.

During the meditation we will enjoy a relaxing meditation, share stories & ideas in a safe space and most importantly, nurture and nourish our divine feminine. As an astrologer I love to discover what is happening in the sky above us and create a bespoke yoga class with yoga asanas and essential oil's to match the cosmic energies around us for greater enhancement & benefits to us.

BYO mats as limited mats available, bring your own if you prefer. You are welcome to bring pillows and cushions for the meditation for your comfort.

Free for all of those receiving cancer treatment and their families, $15 for the public to help support yoga for healing

Nitty Gritty Spiritual Conversations: Discovering the Abundant Life

Date & Time:   Starts Monday, 11th February  7 - 8.30pm  for 5x Monday evenings

Venue:  Community House, 131 Manchester St, Feilding

Contact Name & Number:  Angela Baker or Rilma Sands  0210473530

Email Address/Website:  angela.baker@inspire.net.nz

We are keen to meet and explore ideas and practices that help us to experience a life of abundance, love, appreciation and gratitude, drawing on personal experience and the spiritual and wisdom traditions of those who attend.

For anyone interested in spirituality and the big questions of life, whether you come from a faith or religious background or just have an interest in spirituality. All questions, doubts, opinions and wonderings welcome.

Small koha appreciated to cover venue cost.

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Golden Touch Healers

Date & Time:  Monday, 11th February  7.30pm - 9pm

Venue:  Theosophical Hall, 304 Church St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Lyn 027 406 7750 / Ken 027 232 2048

Email Address/Website:  auricmagnetichealing@gmail.com / www.magnetichealers.org.nz

Come and meet our team of enthusiastic Energy Healers to experience a relaxing Auric Magnetic Healing. Cost is a small donation.

For an energy pick-me-up, if you're feeling tired, achy, stressed... then an Energy Healing may be ideal for you....

You're very welcome to bring a friend too. :)

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Awaken your Intutive Gifts with Essential Oils

Date & Time:  Sunday, 10th March  2 - 5.00pm

Venue:  7 MacArthur Street, Feilding

Contact Name & Number:  Tara Goddard 0274234351  /  Amy Masters '272116479

Email Address/Website:  transformwithtaragoddard@hotmail.com  facebook.com/transformwithtaragoddard

With hosts Amy Masters and Tara Goddard This workshop is for you if you want to...

  • Find out how you receive Intuitive Guidance
  • Discover your main Intuitive Gift (clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience)
  • Activate and utilise your Intuitive Gifts using Essential Oils
  • Find out what specific Essential Oils will enhance your specific Intuitive Gifts


WAVES - A grief education programme for adults bereaved by suicide

Date & Time:  8 Tuesday evenings starting in April

Venue:  PN Methodist Social Services

Contact Name & Number:  Laura Banks  06 3500 307

Email Address/Website:  www.methodistsocialservices.org.nz

Because grief happens and support matters - a grief education programme. This programme combines learning about suicide and bereavement with group discussion and support. Share your thoughts and feelings, discuss the nature of loss by suicide, gain information and strategies around how to care for yourself and others after a suicide, and adjust to living with loss and moving forward.

This education programme takes place in small closed groups facilitated by professional counsellors and educators over 8 weeks. Bookings are essential. ed@pnmss.nz

Beyond Materialism: Transforming Our Approach To Well Being

Date & Time:  Thurs 11th to Sunday 14th April

Venue:  Spencer on Byron, Takapuna, Auckland

Contact Name & Number:  Karleen Reeve  0220-337-583

Email Address/Website:  https://www.awct.co.nz/conference/programme.asp

This conference brings together some of the world's most respected, advanced health and well being medical doctors and holistic practitioners working in a multi-dimensional way; integrating leading edge science, spirituality and natural therapies.

The conference is aimed at anyone interested in integrative health as well as practitioners and physicians.

Over the four days you'll hear the practitioners talk about their latest research, evidence and experiences. You'll find out about cutting edge, scientifically empirically proven methods of healing. You'll also gain access to powerful tools and techniques that will help you and your patients. The workshops throughout the conference provide an unparalleled opportunity to learn experientially.

Join us and become part of the global shift towards integrated, effective, whole-person approaches to long-term health and well being. This conference is open to everyone. For more information please visit our Facebook page and/or website.




Ayurvedic Kansa Vatki Foot Massage

Date & Time:  Friday, 28th June  9am - 5pm

Venue:   Addis House, Ruahine St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Mary Matthews

Email Address/Website:  admin@naturallyrejuvenate.com.au

During this one day course, you will learn how to give a deeply relaxing Ayurvedic foot massage, using a Kansa Vatki bowl. ‘Kansa’ means ‘Bronze’ and is known in Ayurveda, India’s traditional holistic healing system, as the ‘healing metal’. This soothing session helps to draw out excess heat and toxins, thereby leaving the entire body cool and refreshed. The treatment relaxes tired feet, improves joint mobility and promotes sound sleep. It also helps in balancing the three body energies (doshas) of Ayurveda - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Balancing these specific energies aids homeostasis, and helps the body to function more effectively.

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Ayurvedic Kansa Wand Face Massage

Date & Time:  Sat 29th & Sun 30th June  9am - 5pm

Venue:   Addis House, Ruahine St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Mary Matthews

Email Address/Website:  admin@naturallyrejuvenate.com.au

Created by The London Centre of Indian Champissage, Ayurvedic training centre, this unique facial treatment integrates massage of the facial marmas (Ayurvedic acupressure points) with the use of a simple massage tool called a Kansa Wand and nourishing oils.

Kansa has been used in Ayurvedic treatments for thousands of years but in recent years it has been used to create massage tools for use on the face and body. Kansa Wand Face Massage can be used on its own, integrated into a full body massage routine or combined with any other treatment. The wand is easy to use on yourself as part of a daily self-care routine.

Regular Kansa Wand Face Massage can lift and tone facial muscles and soften features. Kneading facial skin and muscles improves blood and lymph circulation, increasing oxygen supply to skin and muscle cells, while helping the collagen and elastin fibres retain their elasticity. Stimulating facial marmas can help release energy blockages. Other benefits reported by clients include, relief from headaches, jaw tension and improved sleep.

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Regular Groups & Classes

Golden Touch Healers

Date & Time:  2nd Monday of each month (except January), 7.30pm - 9pm

Venue:  Theosophical Society Hall, 304 Church St, Palmerston North

Contact Name & Number:  Lyn Pollock 027 406 7750 / Ken Ward 027 232 2048 / Phone (06) 323 7468

Email Address/Website:  kward@inspire.net.nz / www.magnetichealers.org.nz

“Golden Touch Healers” are a group of people who are trained in and practice Auric Magnetic Healing; and based in Palmerston North.

Our aim is to educate people, to understand how we can help alleviate pain and suffering for both people and animals.

We don’t need to know what is wrong with a patient, as our hands are drawn to the affected area in their energy field, clearing the blocks and repairing areas of the auric layers and physical body.

Patients often experience tingling, coolness, warmth, waves, pulling or drawing sensations. They also report having a sense of feeling lighter as a result of a session.

It is a complementary modality and works well alongside medical treatment. 

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The Wings of Light Spiritual Sanctuary

Date & Time:  Every Sunday morning at 10.30 am

Venue:  The Coach House Museum, Feilding

Contact Name & Number:  Liz Finlay  06 3591112 or 0274495240

Email Address/Website:  wolss2018@gmail.com

We are a small gathering of like minded spiritualists who run a weekly public meeting with Clairvoyant demonstration, followed by a cup of tea and fellowship.

Our intention is to provide a safe sanctuary for those seeking spiritual development and searching for a greater understanding of all things spiritual, giving opportunity and encouragement to all. We also organize regular development/meditation groups and workshops as required at minimal cost.

Everybody is welcome. Koha at the door.

Levin Spiritual Drop in Centre

Date & Time:  Wednesdays  12pm to 3.30pm

Venue:  Thompson House, Levin

Contact Name & Number:  David Garwood  06 3638405 or 0211378588

Levin Drop in Centre is run by David Garwood who is an International, Evidentual Medium. It is open for anyone who is searching for answers in all things spiritual.

David runs an approx. 1/2 hour meditation at 2 pm each week so please do not arrive at this time to avoid disturbance.

David is there to answer all your questions. There will be opportunities to take part in spiritual development exercises, healing and sharing of experiences. Every week brings something new.

Tea and coffee provided. If arriving at 12 byo lunch. Koha at the door.


We are happy to promote your event on our Website for four weeks in the lead up to it, and we can also…

Promote your event ‘once’ via our Weekly What’s On Newsletter and Facebook Page.

If you would like to PROMOTE YOUR EVENT on this page, click HERE for the form that you can complete online and send to us.

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Please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse to promote events that we feel do not ‘fit with our ethos’ or that we feel do not ‘fit with the scope of our store’.

We may ask you to rewrite the introduction if we feel that is required.



If your ‘regular’ group or event is run by Volunteers, and participants are only required to pay a koha or gold coin to attend, we are happy to advertise it here at no charge, on a permanent basis.  However if you wish to make changes at any time we will need to charge $10 to help cover the cost of making those changes.

For all other ‘regular’ groups or events such as classes that charge a ‘fee’, we are happy to advertise it here on a permanent basis for $10 per month, payable on the 1st of the month.  If you require changes to be made to your advertisement we will need to charge $10-$20 (subject to the amount of time it takes to make the change) to help cover our costs. 

If you are interested in reaching a wider audience for your ‘regular’ event, please contact Viv at viv@inspiremeonline.co.nz.



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