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Study & Exams Crystal Kit

Need some help with Study and Exams or maybe with a Work or Creative Project?

Some people find study easier than others, I for one am easily distracted and I need help with maintaining focus, especially if it’s a topic that doesn’t really grab me. Then I start to procrastinate. Exams are another thing I found a real challenge. I could be doing well in assignments and then only just scrape by in the exams, which was really frustrating and disappointing. I know I’m not alone in this as we have people regularly asking for help with study, or even just focus and concentration. Hence the creation of this particular kit, which I hope will help with concentration, focus, nervousness and other aspects of study.

While I have placed my intentions for you into each of these kits, you need to do your part and place your own intentions into them. You might also like to cleanse or clear them regularly to keep them fresh and free from negativity.

Some of the ways you can do this is with sage, incense, salt water (sea or rock) and you can place them outside under the full moon. Be aware however, that some crystals prefer not to be immersed in water and some don’t like salt. It can be a good idea to consult a crystal book or google for cleansing information for specific crystals.

• this price is for one kit
• this image is indicative of what the crystals look like, however it is not the actual stone or stones you will receive because each of these crystals is unique, as are you
• the crystals will all vary slightly in size.

We promise to always pick the best piece available for you and it is our intention that it will bring you what it is you are seeking from it.


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