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Sleep Magickal Anointing Oil (handmade in NZ)

From a range of New Zealand made magickal blends created from 100% essential oils in an almond oil base (unless stated otherwise).

You may like to use this calming blend to help you sleep, and to create healthier sleep patterns

It can be used in a variety of ways including...
* on pulse points
* on chakra points
* in an oil burner
* in the bath

Sisters Alyssa & Dawn are two gorgeous green witches with a passion for creating their own range of witch-crafted products for health and well-being. Their remedies, potions and lotions are handcrafted with only natural, earth based materials and ingredients.

Using the sacred plant wisdom of the ancients and honouring the rhythms of our earth and cosmic universe, they blend the magick power of the lunar cycle into their preparations. Their concoctions are all made with the intent to promote healing on physical, emotional and ethereal realms and they are passionate about maintaining the ancient tradition of the Hedgewitch.

Between them, Alyssa & Dawn have an impressive range of qualifications and experience in natural therapies, which (along with their magick) they blend into the potions, lotions and healing products they create.


Sleep Magickal Anointing Oil (witchcrafted in NZ)


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