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Mookaite Jasper Rough

JASPER, known as the SUPREME NURTURER, comes in many forms and may help with…
finding tranquility in times of stress, aligning the chakras, dream recall, grounding, absorbing negative energies, clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution, including radiation, courage, conflict, quick thinking, organisation, seeing projects through, stimulating the imagination and transforming ideas into action, support during chronic illness

In addition to the generic properties of Jasper, MOOKAITE is a beautiful Australian Jasper that…
encourages versatility and a desire for new experiences, as well as a deep calm with which to face them, helps us to choose ‘the right path’

ROUGH CRYSTALS come in the state they were originally found in and have an irregular shape and feel.
Some say that they are more powerful in their natural shape; others say it makes no difference whether they are rough or tumbled.

Approximate Size: 40x30mm

* this price is for one piece
* this image is indicative of what the crystal looks like, however it is not the actual stone or stones you will receive because each of these crystals is unique, as are you
* the crystals will all vary slightly in size.

We promise to always pick the best piece available for you and it is our intention that it will bring you what it is you are seeking from it.


Australian Mookaite Jasper


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