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Hine Greeting Card (blank)

This little Hine in the Pink Cloak is another gorgeous work by the very talented New Zealand Artist Ema Frost...

I don't think I've ever felt so moved by a series of cards as I am by these...

The ultimate card to complete a gift you're giving, whether its in person, or sending overseas.

While I only discovered Ema Frost's Greeting Cards recently, she actually burst onto the Auckland art scene in 2010 and has been captivating her fans ever since. In her own unique style, Ema uses bright colours to give life to beautiful images. Her inspiration comes from her fascination and deep respect for the mystery and magic surrounding Maori and Japanese folklore.

Originally a graphic artist and illustrator, Ema brought her characters to life in print and her beautiful works can be found in galleries, homes, hotels and schools all over New Zealand, Japan, India, Australia, Germany and the USA.


the beautiful Hine greeting card by ema frost


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