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Comfort & Healing For Grief Crystal Intention Kit

Grief is something we all experience at different times in our lives and while the most obvious cause of grief is the passing of a loved one; there are many other things we grieve.

It could be...

* the end of a relationship
* the last child leaving home
* loss of a job
* an injury or illness that changes what we are able to do

In fact there are many things that we grieve for throughout our life and it can be good to have a little something to help us work through those feelings, which is why I created this kit.

Apart from the metaphysical attributes of these stones it can be wonderfully comforting just to play with them in those moments when we feel overwhelmed with sadness..

This little kit includes...
* four crystals that have been chosen for their resonance with the intention
* a little bag to hold your stones
* an affirmation to help you focus on the intention
* information on how to cleanse your crystals
* some suggestions for how you can use it

And while we have placed our intentions for you into this kit, you need to do your part and place your own intentions into it. It's a good idea to cleanse your crystals when you get them home, and to cleanse and charge them whenever you feel they need it, which helps to keep them fresh and free from negativity.

Some of the ways you can do this is with sage, incense, salt water (sea or rock) and you can place them outside under the new and full moons. Be aware however, that some crystals prefer not to be immersed in water and some don’t like salt. It can be a good idea to consult a crystal book or google for cleansing information for specific crystals.

• this image shows one selection of crystals appropriate to the Kit's Intention.
• the crystals will all vary slightly in size.


Comfort & Healing For Grief Crystal Intention Kit


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