Well, WE DID IT…


The Website/Online Store, that is…

I knew three years ago that we’d do it, although we didn’t actually start it until about 18 months ago. And here we are, up and running.

I had no idea it would take so long and it’s by no means finished, as we only have about 10% of our product (if that) on there right now, but that’s okay as we are UP AND RUNNING and we’ll just keep adding product .

The images, many of which I have been taking with my samsung galaxy phone (which actually takes awesome pics), leave a lot to be desired because I really don't know what I'm doing with the resizing, but thats okay because we’ll change them over time for better ones. 

My friend Susan is going to show me how to resize properly, once I manage to catch up with her, and I'm sure she'll pass on lots of other tips as well. Some of the pics are also from our suppliers, hence the different backgrounds.

So… What can you expect from our Website?

• An Online Store obviously, with lots of interesting and inspirational stuff

• An introduction to the Awesome Practitioners who operate out of our Wellness Centre

• A What’s On Page that connects people to Regular Groups and Events and One-Off Events around the region and sometimes further afield.

• My BLOG, which is really just me, rambling on about Things that have captured my attention or about life in general, or about Stuff that’s happening at Inspire Me…

I hope you’ll be patient with us as we learn how to operate our website and online store. Yes we’ll make some mistakes, but we’ll also do our best to put them right as quickly as possible. It’s how you learn – after all.

One of the biggest challenges we face is that our warehouse is our shop, and because we stock a huge range of products we only carry small amounts and lots of one offs. We have invested in an integrated system that tells the website when something has sold, which it then removes from view. However what it can’t tell the website is when someone has ‘nicked it’, which is going to be a bit of a Challenge for us, because, believe it or not, it happens quite a bit.

To be honest, while I knew this was going to be a BIG JOB, I really didn’t have a clue as to HOW BIG! I also had no idea that we would be doing so much of it ourselves. It’s really quite amazing what Viv and I have learned over the last few months. We now know about stuff like SEO, integration, optimisation, drilling, cache (as opposed to cash) management, CMS, payment gateways, shipping, static blocks, sliders and attributes to name just a few…

I’m so proud of us and I’m so grateful that I’ve had Viv walking this journey with me. I think she’s probably feeling more exhausted than grateful right now… YOU ROCK VIV!!!

And I’m also grateful to the rest of the Earth Angels that work with us for contributing to the site in various ways and for holding the fort on different occasions and stepping up to extra hours to enable me to work on this project.

So please, tell your friends and family about us, especially those who are out of town…