Are you milking the wonderful little things that make you smile each day, even if only for a moment?

I try to remember all the small things that made me smile that day so I can write them in my Appreciation Journal each night, and yesterday there were so many to record I filled a whole page.

It started with listening to Abraham-Hicks, and meditating in the spa, although I got wonderfully distracted when one of our local Tui’s decided to chatter away in a tree only a few metres from the spa. I hear and see them every day when I’m working from home, but I’ve never had one land so close and stay for so long, singing his little heart out. I felt incredibly blessed and found myself grinning from ear to ear for several minutes.

I kind of captured it with my smart phone which is what I use to listen to Abraham-Hicks when I’m in the spa. I put Abraham on hold, which I’m sure they didn’t mind, and tried to hone in on the Tui, which is a little challenging when you’re surrounded by trellis and you’re trying not to move much so you don’t scare it off. I’ve just spent an hour or so editing all the blurry bits out and eventually managed to attach it here (a first for me, and I must remember to record that little triumph in my journal tonight) but couldn't quite manage to get the photos at the beach in it, so added them later. It’s not flash but you’ll get the essence of it.