Black Sage aka Mugwort

Smudging with Black Sage (aka Mugwort) 
to create a life less ordinary

Smudging with Black Sage is said to…
• stimulate dreaming and visions
• enhance intuition
• aid introspection and inner-healing

We’ve just launched a range of Smudging Tools that we’ve imported from the U.S. and branded under our own label (which, I might add, is pretty gorgeous), and if you live locally come and check out the awesome stand we’ve built (from driftwood, wire and flax) to display them.

When people think of smudging, most think of White Sage, but there are many other herbs and plants that are used in smudging rituals and ceremonies and this week I want to share with you a little of what I’m learning about BLACK SAGE (aka MUGWORT).

BLACK SAGE is found in the mountains of the West Coast of the U.S. from California right through to British Columbia in Canada. Renowned for its subtle, sweet scent and properties, it is believed to…
• purify and clear negative energies and emotions
• be good for introspection and inner-healing
• stimulate creativity
• enhance intuition and stimulate dreaming and visions
• help with astral travel and shamanic journeying (and protect during)

There is lots of great information online about SMUDGING and we include a basic information sheet in our smudge packs, to get you started on your smudging journey. So give it a go…

Bearing in mind that simple Smudging Ceremonies/Rituals, call upon the Spirits of sacred plants to restore balance, they can easily be added to your self-care routine regularly, to CREATE AND MAINTAIN WELL-BEING IN YOUR HOME OR WORK ENVIRONMENT.

And while we’re speaking about the Spirit of Plants my friend Anne Elliott gave an Amazing Presentation on ‘The Music of Plants’ last Sunday, which I really enjoyed.

Anne is offering a 30-40 minute ‘Plant Music Healing Meditation’ at Zing Studio on the 28th of August, which I am really looking forward to attending. If you’d like to attend or know more about that very special event, check out the WHAT’s ON page on our website.