It’s so easy to be constantly caught up in the busyness of life that we forget to nurture our Creative Side. For me, creativity takes a variety of forms, such as changing a room around at home - something I’ve barely done since opening Inspire Me, because I have plenty of scope for that at the shop.

I love it when one of my fellow Earth Angels says to me (randomly) “What do you think about moving these over to there…” and we drop everything and start moving one thing, which often means changing a substantial chunk of the shop around. By the time you realise just how big this moving one thing is going to be… it’s too late and you’re committed. An hour or two into it I make noises of…

“Oh My God, why did we start this?”

“I really don’t have time for this, I have a gazillion things to do” 

But they know, and I know, that I REALLY LOVE IT!

A lot of my Creative ideas are ‘Tools for Life’ I’d like to develop, like the ‘Becoming Positive Booklet’ I’ve just written, which we’ll be launching in the next couple of weeks, ‘Smudging & Blessing Kits’, ‘Crystal Kits’ and ‘Shower Affirmation Kits’, all of which I’ve developed and launched over the last couple of years. 

Yesterday I picked up a Creative Project I’ve barely thought about, let alone touched, in over two years. In fact, I began that project before any of the ones I just mentioned, and I’m not sure why it got buried, but yesterday morning (Sunday), which is usually my lie in day, it floated its way up into my consciousness. 

So, I’m lying in bed, tossing and turning, trying not to think about the crystals and header cards I needed to order to make up kits that we’ve run out of, like the Shitty Day Kit, that we’ve been out of for a while. By 7.15am I decide to get up before I disturb Peter, and prepare a shopping list.

Then, somehow, I found myself sitting on the couch holding ‘The Angelic Wheel of Guidance’ and thinking “I’m ready to do this now”. I didn’t spend too much time thinking about the ‘why now?’ at that moment, I just got stuck in and let my creative juices flow, spending a very pleasant few hours ‘creating’ throughout the day, in between having lunch at ‘The Little White Rabbit’ in Foxton and wandering along Foxton Beach with Peter and Chico, and an Awesome ‘Moving Meditation’ with Anne Elliott and friends last night. 

This morning, upon reflection, I know that this tool is going to help me take my meditation to a whole new level, which is why I began developing it nearly three years ago. I also get that ‘I needed to know more’ before I’d be ready to finish it, hence it’s getting buried. 

I guess the moral of this particular story is, when you ‘get the nudge’ in relation to unfinished projects, don’t ignore it, just go with the flow, and let it take you where it will…