What an awesome morning so far...

I have just put a new brew of Kombucha in the bathroom cupboard (cos I think its probably the warmest place in our house) to begin the 2nd stage of fermentation that will give me yummy fizzy lemon Kombucha to drink.

And then just cos I'm on fire this morning, I began my next new brew of Kombucha that'll sit on the kitchen bench for 7 days (which is what I have found works for me).

I posted a couple of months ago about beginning my Kombucha journery and since then I've made maybe 4 or 5 brews. My intention is to make a new brew every week, however I haven't quite got there yet. I also intend creating lots of different flavours and while I've tried a few I keep coming back to lemon.

If you haven't heard of Kombucha before, its a fermented tea that you can either have still or fizzy (by adding a 2nd stage of fermentation). I choose fizzy because I love that fizzy sensation in my throat. I don't drink alcohol and I very rarely ever drink soft drinks, which means that I mostly drink sparkling water in the evenings and coffee and water during the day. Now I can have lovely fizzy Kombucha as a change and thats great.

My first batch was gorgeous! I actually didn't get to drink that much of it myself, because I was so proud of it I took it to the shop and shared it with my fellow Earth Angels there, and the odd nervous customer/friend. Really I was showing off, because anyone who knows me knows that the kitchen is not one of my 'happy places' normally, and so this fabulous outcome was a real celebration.

Subsequent brews have been mostly good, although not always as fizzy as I'd like because I hadn't screwed the lids on the bottles tight enough.

I forgot to mention that Kombucha is a Pro-biotic Powerhouse, so not only does it taste great, its good for you... How cool is that.

If you'd like to try creating your own lovely Kombucha you can pick up a copy of DIY KOMBUCHA from Inspire Me, and if I'm around I'm very happy to talk to you about my experiences to date.

You will need a scoby to get started and I got mine from the lovely ladies at Organic Living in Terrace End, where they give them away.

Go forth and have an AWESOME DAY.