Have you discovered KOMBUCHA yet?

To be honest, I hadn’t even heard about it before, and I was just drawn by the words on the cover of a book while ordering for the shop. ‘60 tonics for health & happiness’.

We all want better health and more happiness… right?

60 Nourishing Tonics for Health & Happiness

• A flavourful probiotic powerhouse
• Everything you need to know to brew your own 
• 60 recipes

This book has been a hit from the first day we got it in.
And then my good friend and Massage Therapist Rach and I were talking about getting back into smoothies now the weather is warming up again and it prompted me to finally take a good look at this book.

I have to say I’m rather excited about setting up my own little brewing operation in the kitchen at home, and perhaps I’ll be more successful at that than I am at cooking, who knows...

While out walking Chico, our dog, I mentioned to Peter that I’m going to set up a little brewing operation in the kitchen.

“What, like beer?” he asked; looking rather shocked because I don’t drink alcohol.

“Sort of” I replied, “You start with this SKOBY thingy…” at which point he interrupted with a rather irreverent... 

“Hmmm, that sounds… really delicious” and I knew I’d lost him.

Anyway, this excellent book will take you steep-by-steep (and step-by-step) through the process of creating your own flavourful probiotic powerhouse.

It gives clear information on how much kombucha to drink a day, the alcohol content in kombucha, why home-brewing isn't dangerous, what to look for in your brewing equipment, and lots more.

You also get all the fermented tea recipes you could ever want, including master teas, quick mixes, infusions, juices, smoothies, and even healthy mocktails.

I’ll let you know how I get on with my little brewing operation…