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Two Weeks with Shamanic Healer Matthew Greenwood

Friday, 11 August 2017 3:15:00 PM Pacific/Auckland

When Matthew Greenwood first contacted me in April of this year, I really had no idea how much of an impact he would have on my personal life, and the lives of several of my team of Earth Angels, not to mention those of our customers who were fortunate enough to either have a one-on-one session with him or to attend one or more of his workshops.

What I did know was that I liked the feel of his energy, even over the phone. We spoke regularly over the next wee while as we planned his trip, so that by the time he arrived in late July, I felt we’d known each other for a long time. I remember the buzz of energy we felt in the store, when he arrived, not actually realising what I’d felt until the end of the day, when Kellie and I were reflecting on what a buzzy (as in a feeling of momentum shifting) day it had been. And this pretty much sums up Matthew’s presence here for the last two weeks or so, BUZZY, BUSY and BLOODY AWESOME!

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Fabulous New Stuff

Friday, 12 August 2016 8:33:41 AM Pacific/Auckland


We’re in the process of launching our own range of SMUDGING TOOLS, which we’re importing from the U.S. and presenting to you under our own label.

Smudging has been around for thousands of years and has attracted a lot of interest in recent times because so many people are finding that it really does make a difference. Hence my decision to create our own range of smudging products.

The first Smudge Products to be rolled out include…

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Website Launch

Wednesday, 8 June 2016 2:13:00 PM Pacific/Auckland

Well, WE DID IT…


The Website/Online Store, that is…

I knew three years ago that we’d do it, although we didn’t actually start it until about 18 months ago. And here we are, up and running

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