I've been listening to this beautiful CD for about four years now and I never tire of it. I must admit that I love to turn up the volume when no one's around and lose myself in its beauty.

Wychazel through his music has the gift of being able to transport you to another place...

The slow, hypnotic heartbeat of the Shamans drum evokes the deep sound of thunder, opening the way between the physical world and the world of vision Quest. The Shamans flute is the song of the wind as it calls and guides you into the domain of the White Wolf Spirit.

Continuous music with no silent breaks between tracks. Featuring Shamanic Drums & rattles, Native American flutes, spacious synthesizers, atmospheric effects and sounds of nature.

When asked "What attracted you to the wolf?" Chris Green (Wychazel) responded...

"It’s mostly about their high-standing in Native American mythology. The white wolf is especially enigmatic because of its legendary ability to roam freely between the physical world and the spiritual planes of existence. It is said to walk with us during times of need in the role of protective spirit, teacher and friend.

Aside from such cultural traditions, the wolf is a creature who understands the need for mutual support in order to survive and never takes more from the environment than it needs. There are clear lessons for humankind here – at least for anyone who wants to listen.

From a recording standpoint, the sound of the wolf is a true gift; one of those rare sounds that can add the kind of primal atmosphere to a track that can’t be achieved any other way. The howl of the wolf, either solitary or in a pack is immediately recognisable and so beautifully expressive when you hear it. All kinds of environmental images and atmospheres are conjured up in the imagination that you simply don’t find in musical genres other than New Age."


Chris Green’s career spans two decades, first appearing on the new age music scene as part of Runestone, since establishing himself as an award winning solo artist.
His music is highly atmospheric, transporting the listener through vivid soundscapes inspired by the power of ancient sites, ancient cultures and natural landscapes. His unique sound incorporates unusual, authentic and sacred instruments. With a catalogue of 36 published albums, Chris is a popular artist of the New Age genre and a regular presence in the MG Music top ten listings.