Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and as I was preparing a wee display in the shop yesterday I was reflecting upon this 'special day' and what it means to me. I guess it has meant different things at different times in my life...

For the last 15 years Peter has been my Valentine and in the early years we would choose cards and gifts for each other and go out for dinner to celebrate this special day. The gifts we've chosen for each other have been very interesting at times, including 'Tattoos of Angelic Symbols'. We did this twice, although there was a year in between the two, while I got over the memory of the pain.

In later years we haven't gone out for dinner so much and sometimes we simply get a card for each other, and perhaps a little heart. Peter isn't on facebook so I won't be spoiling any surprises when I say that this year I'm making his Valentine's card. I'll be digging out my old scrapbooking stuff and... OMG! that just reminded me... I think the best Valentine's gift I ever gave Peter, was to scrapbook our wedding photos, 3 years after we got married, which would be 8 years ago. They'd been sitting in a plastic bag all that time LOL.

I'm working from home today cos I've got a bung foot and I need to keep it up for a bit, so I just dug out the album and what a 'wonderful trip down memory lane it was'. I'm going to give it to him all over again this Valentine's, so please don't mention it if you see him before then. I might even post some pics of it on Valentine's Day.

Now Peter hasn't always been in my life and there have been plenty of Valentine's Days when I didn't have a 'significant other' in my life. I can remember getting Valentine's cards from my kids, ones that they'd made themselves, and they were some of the best ever.

I guess what I really want to say to you is...

Yes I'm a retailer, and yes we have some beautiful hearts and things that we'd love you to buy for your sweetheart, whether its your lover, your partner, your mother, your father or your bestie, but you know what? A card you've made yourself, a special meal you've cooked yourself, a romantic picnic dinner somewhere nice... what wonderful gifts they would be.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope its a wonderful experience.