I made it through DAY 2 of the COMPLAINT FREE WORLD CHALLENGE yesterday and I'm particularly proud of  that as there were some significant challenges, like...

* a passionate conversation with my Soul Sisters last night about the treatment of Native Peoples in many countries around the world by their fellow countrymen. To say I can be very 'opinionated' (although I prefer the word Passionate) is probably an understatement, so toning that down and taking the judgement out of those conversations is something of a challenge.

* and earlier in the day, discovering that someone had stolen the 'donation tin' from the counter, which was a real blow, particularly as Kellie had seen someone take it in December and we'd chased him down the street and got it back. That discovery had come hot on the heels of finding that some beautiful crystals were also missing.

So I probably could have been excused for doing some complaining. However I didn't, I just asked my Angels "WTF is that about?" in a non-judgmental way:) 

I'm serious here, I am really trying to figure out what that is about. How/why am I attracting this stuff? As I was typing that it came to me that I need to meditate on it, which I will do, because I know there is some important learning to be gained from this.

For now, I'm on DAY 3, working from home, so I should be safe, although Peter's still on holiday so I'll still need to have my wits about me LOL.

Go forth and have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY...