It's day 4 of getting back into the routines I'd let slip over the last few months and I've packed some interesting little challenges for myself into these few days. The challenges have been mostly around getting up at 4.30am, which is something my beloved Wayne Dyer taught me several years ago.

It is so the best time of the day for my 'me time', but in order (did I just say but? I read somewhere that anything after 'but' is bullshit, so scrub that but).

It is so the best time of the day for my 'me time', and in order (that's better. Isn't it interesting how much difference a word can make to the energy of a sentence) for that to happen I know that getting to bed early is important.

So last night I was up til 12.30 working on a gnarly piece of work, that it gave me great satisfaction to finish, and (not but) which resulted in my waking up half an hour late, dragging my ass out of my comfy bed into my very comfy spa and promptly falling asleep. Ha Ha Ha.

Now I could beat myself up over that because I didn't meditate and I didn't do any reading, which is what this time is very much about for me. However (again not 'but') I did get my ass out of bed, which is reinforcing this important routine and will help me do it again tomorrow.

It's the little things that make our lives so much richer, like choosing to remove the word 'but' from our vocabulary and 'never giving up', no matter how many times we trip along the way.