"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want."

WOW! the knowledge of this can be LIFE CHANGING STUFF, and while it may take a life-time to not only learn it, but actually do something about it...

THAT'S OKAY, cos I believe that's all part of the plan I made at a Soul Level, which in essence was to LIVE A JOYFUL LIFE.

So learning that I have better things to do with my imagination than create 'stuff i don't want in my life' by worrying, gives me a great focus.

At 57 years of age, I am very much a work in progress, and while I 'know a lot of stuff', actualising it is sometimes challenging. I recently experienced a brilliant example of that, as I found myself worrying so much about a situation that by the end of the day (that had started so beautifully) my Energy was at such a low level that I got Erin to smudge me.

That doesn't happen to me very often and it wasn't until after I meditated the next morning that I realised what I had allowed to happen and was able to bring myself back to the level of alignment I usually inhabit.