Do you like wearing (or the thought of wearing) beautiful symbols on a daily basis, to inspire and influence you in a wonderfully positive way as you go about your daily life?

I do, and mostly I wear it in the form of Crystal Jewellery, however after playing with these new beautiful pendants, earrings and rings I can see I’ll be adding to my collection…

Even after seven years, I still love unpacking ‘new stuff’ and I get to do it on a regular basis, because I just keep finding lots of gorgeous ‘new stuff’.

This week it was some beautiful inspirational jewellery fashioned in Sterling Silver, some of which have aspects plated with Rose Gold and some complemented with Clear Cubic Zirconia and others with brass balls containing tiny Balinese Xylophones.

If you’re a regular at Inspire Me you’ll know that I like to introduce a variety of styles, which generally means that there are only small quantities, so please don’t be disappointed if we’ve run out before you have a chance to check them out.

What you’ll find (in the jewellery cabinet) or online are…

• Tree of Life (pendants & earrings)
• Triquetra (pendants, earrings & rings)
• Pentacle/Pentagram (pendants, earrings & rings)
• Seed of Life (pendants)
• Ankh (pendants, earrings & rings)
• Angel Wings (pendants & earrings)
• Harmony Ball (pendants)

If you’d like to know something about the different symbols, feel free to go to the Jewellery Section of our Online Store at