Study and sitting exams can be a real challenge and I am often asked if there are crystals that could be useful.

We have lovingly put together a little Crystal Kit that you can have on or about you while you study or sit exams, or even when you need help with focussing on work or creative projects.

The kit contains…
• Amethyst
• Variscite
• Calcite
• Fluorite

Some people find study easier than others, I for one am easily distracted and I need help with maintaining focus, especially if it’s a topic that doesn’t really grab me. Then I start to procrastinate.

Exams are another thing I found a real challenge. I could be doing well in assignments and then only just scrape by in the exams, which was really frustrating and disappointing. I know I’m not alone in this as we have people regularly asking for help with study, or even just focus and concentration. Hence the creation of this particular kit, which I hope will help with concentration, focus, nervousness and other aspects of study.

While I have placed my intentions for you into each of these kits, you need to do your part and place your own intentions into them. You might also like to cleanse or clear them regularly to keep them fresh and free from negativity.