Local Author, Patti MacIntyre, who lives on the Kapiti Coast, has written an 'allegorical fable' in verse.

Now that was a new term for me so I googled it and found this from the Miriam-Webster Dictionary…

‘a story in which the characters and events are symbols that stand for ideas about human life or for a political or historical situation'

To be honest we’ve had Patti’s book in store for some time and I hadn’t read it. She contacted me last week to see how it was going and we talked about making it the 'book of the week'.

Now I haven’t read every book I make book of the week (I wish), however this book is small and perfectly formed and once I started reading the description on the back, it drew me in.

For me, Patti’s fable is about…
• overcoming fear
• adjusting our thinking
• quieting the mind
• taming the ego
• learning not to wallow
• being impeccable with your word
• finding your power
• asking for guidance
• learning to ‘trust before you see’
• learning how to make wishes come true
• healing the earth one mind at a time

This is an AWESOME little book that for me 'packed a big punch', and would make an excellent ‘gentle and non-threatening' introduction to learning how to change your thinking and therefore your life.

Patti called in today and signed all the copies we have in-store.  She's working on her next book at the moment and that should be published in the next few months.