I couldn’t believe it when I came across these exquisitely presented perfumes in hand-blown glass bottles from the Song of India range.

It was such a ‘blast from the past’ as I remember seeing them as a young woman (some 30 + years ago) and wanting them just for the bottles. I was a young Mum with a big mortgage at that time and perfumes were a luxury I didn’t often allow myself then, and I've never come across them again until now.

Well, I’m obviously going to get a bottle or two or three myself this time round, and thankfully the perfumes are lovely and MOST IMPORTANTLY – THEY ARE CRUELTY FREE.

We’re starting with just three fragrances at the moment…

• Opium (everybody’s favourite)
• Night Queen
• Violet

and we’ll grow the range over time.

Feel free to pop in and try out our testers, and if you’re a perfume bottle collector, these bottles will delight you.