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African Turquoise Point Pendant (silver plate)

TURQUOISE may help enhance communication with the physical and spiritual realms, clear negative energy and electromagnetic smog, balance and align the chakras, creative problem-solving, public speaking, self-sabotage, creative expression, stabilising moods, inner-calm, panic attacks, depression, exhaustion

Crystal Pendants are a great way of having the energies of the crystal you've chosen, around you at all times. It may be a different crystal on different days depending on what you're drawn to.

Our pendants all come with an adjustable cord, so you can change the length it sits at on your body.
This particular pendant is set in silver plate and should not be worn in the shower or got wet as the silver metal will tarnish.

Approximate Size:

* this price is for one piece
* this image is indicative of what the crystal looks like, however it is not the actual stone or stones you will receive because each of these crystals is unique, as are you
* the crystals will all vary slightly in size.

We promise to always pick the best piece available for you and it is our intention that it will bring you what it is you are seeking from it.


African Turquoise Point Pendant (silver plate)


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